Tuesday, April 15, 2008

what the hell is parenting and education


女人人家 vs 食家/孫某
"...孫某沒有孩子, 所以特別欣賞一些經常要在辦公室扮講公事但其實係遙距教授家裡印巴泰菲傭學習的女人人家. 照顧孩子不容易, 照顧孩子而又同時要有事業兼維持自己喜好: 譬如要到機塲為李準基<基基>打戲, 或者潮試$688實食無痴肥療程 - 當減肥公司告訴你已經有二萬位女人人家減去了十萬磅肉, 這個<潮療>又怎能放過. 凑小孩專業十大中, 以餵食為叱咤至尊. 平日餵食是印巴泰菲籍姊姊責任, 在缺乏日戰經驗而又要宣示家中主權的大前題下, 餵食便大有壓力. 當女人人家同小孩講乖啦baby而baby回你一句shut up mommy,那是多麽的cuuuuuuuuute啊!凑小孩專業十大中, 以餵食為叱咤至尊. 平日餵食是印巴泰菲籍姊姊責任, 在缺乏日戰經驗而又要宣示家中主權的大前題下, 餵食便大有壓力. 當女人人家同小孩講乖啦baby而baby回你一句shut up mommy,那是多麽的cuuuuuuuuute啊!

孫某不得不講句: 辛苦晒! 現奉上兒童必食創意餐單數款,拔餐相助,聊表敬意..."



from http://www.gamingkrib.com/about.jsf

Our company will give to parents and educators the edge in stimulating children’s intellectual growth. Designed by Ivy League professionals, top Wall Street leaders, media publishing technologists, and award-winning parenting experts, our products will develop children’s minds and facilitate the delicate balance between play and learning time.

A short example of our software and hardware:

  1. A Parent/Educator wants child or student to learn more math (or any subject), and decrease play time.
  2. They sign up for service at the Gaming Krib, via our web portal.
  3. Out of the hundreds of educational portals created, they select "math skills".
  4. The child or student tries to run program "game", then tries to go online, or turn on the television. Nothing works (except of course important phone numbers in their cell phone).
  5. Our education portal pops up on computer.
  6. The pop up says, "Sorry, you cannot run game, go online, turn on TV, or use phone until math questions are answered".
  7. The child runs education portal, answers a certain percent of questions correctly (parents input parameters).
  8. Our portal opens services for an allotted amount of time for access to favorite web sites such as Myspace, Youtube, Ipod Music downloads, etc. Once again parents set parameters) as to how much time and what accesses are granted.
  9. Outcome: game played, math learned, both parent and child happy. Both compromise.
Another example:
  1. A parent gets a call from school regarding their child's bad behavior or lack of completed homework.
  2. Parents sends a text message via their cell phone to us; we shut off access to various electronic media and the cell phone of their child.
  3. Outcome: Parent will address the issue when they return home.

And another:

  1. A child has no interest in doing his homework or playing games.
  2. The child can gain motivation by building, maintaining, and visiting our virtual game cities in our game portals, injecting themselves vicariously into this entrancing realm. For instance, the child completes one week of science modules and then has the ability to create a "research vessel" which takes other passengers aboard for a ride to explore this virtual world. Or, after completing a math module, the student can trade goods in a newly created skate board store. The possibilities are literally endless.

feedback from dangerouslyirrelevant.org

"I like the idea… but for adults. Sorry, Mom or Dad. Too bad that you had a tough day at the office today. You can earn 10–minute allotments of time to watch TV or use the phone, though. You just have to first do the dishes, scrub the toilet, clean out the garage, run your errands, wax the floor, fold the laundry…"

  1. 我做數做得好,分累積得夠多,是否可以通宵或甚至連續48小時上網或打機?
  2. As mentioned, "...after completing a math module, the student can trade goods...The possibilities are literally endless.",我儲分換層樓得唔得?因為我想早點搬出來自己住。那時候上網或打Wii之前都不用先做數學題。
  3. Pop up 那句"Sorry, you cannot run game, go online, turn on TV, or use phone until math questions are answered"可否選用tailor made父母真人發聲?否側我將更少可以聽到父母講野。我不特別喜歡聽他們講野,但如果我作為一個十歲死0靚仔,成長過程中若缺乏某些元素,我怕我長大後好可能有性格缺堪或人格瘴礙。

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