Monday, August 25, 2008


因為早前的死訊,我開始再次思考有關死亡的事。我未必清楚要想些什麼,但我知到我必需花時間在這命題上,且要獨個兒去處理。有關死亡,沒有真相,大家都只能透過想像來假切其意義。踫巧朋友在plurk分享這一個 Life Before Death:

...LIFE BEFORE DEATH comprises a series of large format, black and white photographs taken shortly before and immediately after the death of each subject. The exhibition articulates the experiences, hopes and fears of the terminally ill and gives them a final opportunity to be heard.

Of the 24 people portrayed, the majority spent their last days in hospices – places designed to accommodate the dying, where they are able to experience the final phase of their life with as much awareness and freedom from pain as it is possible to achieve. Walter Schels and Beate Lakotta spent over a year working on this project in the charged atmosphere which pervades hospices, where life is pared down to the essentials...


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