Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The Connected Agency
Marketers: Partner With An Agency That Listens Instead Of Shouts
by Mary Beth Kemp, Peter Kim

Today's agencies fail to help marketers engage with consumers, who, as a result, are becoming less brand-loyal and more trusting of each other. To turn the tide, marketers will move to the Connected Agency — one that shifts: from making messages to nurturing consumer connections; from delivering push to creating pull interactions; and from orchestrating campaigns to facilitating conversations. Over the next five years, traditional agencies will make this shift; they will start by connecting with consumer communities and will eventually become an integral part of them.

Why agencies are failing
By Joseph Dumont

Unfortunately, many brands and agencies believe they can engage consumers in a dialogue purely by producing campaigns alongside and within user-generated content (UGC) and exploiting the YouTube phenomenon.

Let's get vertical

But there seems to be an ongoing concern in the marketplace concerning advertising networks: their lack of transparency, lack of control over the reach and frequency of a schedule, the quality of placements -- not to mention that an increase in their numbers means an advertiser has a smaller chance of catching the audience they're actually after.

The one kind of growth that could bode well for the space is the growth in vertical ad networks. While that growth is a bit slower, it is also potentially healthier.

Vertical ad networks are nothing new. The only thing really new about them is the prominence of the attention they are starting to get.

to be honest. nothing new. just go with some real-life case demonstration. anyway. still worth to read if you are getting lost on the line. well, wanna be that kind of writer too. online professional, professionally online.

昨天,朋友問可否用一句解明Web 2.0。我話,真相係,有D野我都唔明。只能說,Web 2.0即係科技發達到你唔係作家都可以有專攔,同讀者。

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