Thursday, February 05, 2009

give and take

搞了一晚,累壞。本想送他們進去後就走,看著uncle,又忍不住老吹一番。輕輕一吹,又已十二點正。瞎扯出一盤大計,心底裡都知此為聯誼聯誼,但慶幸多年後,我們還願意聯誼。當中得著,還有導演臨走前,自動表示記得要安插我一個腳色!我笑爆了!我不再只面向mon assist,我就要面向機燈了!多癡筋!很堆填!

回來坐定,是三點。應該一頭栽進去五個小時前就應該栽進去的被窩,不過都是想寫。繼昨夜《珠光寶氣》中,王喜笑死人但很現實的浪漫農夫論述後,今早讀到有關cloud computing的文,闡釋所謂免費服務背後的一種有關用家與服務提供者的真相。心想,不只cloud computing,也許很多give and take的關係,背後種種也許根本同出一徹。
...when people are dumping hundreds of hours a year into the Cloud. Blowing out photos. Entering day after day of entries. Sharing memories, talking about subjects that matter to them. Linking friends or commenting on statuses or trading twitters or what have you. This is a big piece, a very big piece of what is probably important stuff.

Don’t trust the Cloud to safekeep this stuff. Hell yeah, use the Cloud, blow whatever you want into the Cloud. The Internet’s a big copy machine, as they say. Blow copies into the Cloud...
...if you’re not asking what stuff means anything to you, then you’re a sucker, ready to throw your stuff down at the nearest gaping hole that proclaims it is a free service (or ad-supported service), quietly flinging you past an End User License Agreement that indicates that, at the end of the day, you might as well as dragged all this stuff to the trash. If it goes, it’s gone...
Insult, berate and make fun of any company that offers you something like a “sharing” site that makes you push stuff in that you can’t make copies out of or which you can’t export stuff out of. They will burble about technology issues. They are fucking lying. They might go off further about business models. They are fucking stupid. Make fun of these people, and their shitty little Cloud Cities running on low-grade cooking fat and dreams. They will die and they will take your stuff into the hole. Don’t let them.
從不拒絕你的人,不代表什麼。個人認為又犯不著insult或berate,但make fun of是可以的。最緊要是認清楚這個世界,學懂辨識各人位置。你以為自己在take,其實你什麼都沒有。有的人在扮give,其實在take,但拿到了又如何。
...Recognize a Cloud when you see it. Are you paying for these services? No? You are a sucker. You are giving people stuff for free. I pay for Vimeo and I pay for Flickr and a couple other things. This makes me a customer. Neither of these places get my only copy of anything...
實在做了廿幾年人,覺得無論give or take都徙氣,如果you’re not asking what stuff means anything to you的話。so dun be a sucker.

真要訓。fuck that my shoulder is still aching.

all quotes from ASCII by Jason Scott / FUCK THE CLOUD

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